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Waste Coal Grant Program

Waste Coal Grant Program Background

The Waste Coal Grant Program is a state-funded grant program that provides funding for economic development and infrastructure projects through the collection of severance taxes to counties where an eligible company is involved in extracting and recovering material from a refuse, gob pile, or other source of waste coal for profit. Ninety percent of program funds must be dedicated to infrastructure improvements such as water or wastewater facilities, storm water systems, roads, bridges, and telecommunications systems, while the remaining ten percent of funds must be dedicated to economic development projects fostering economic growth and development for commercial, industrial, community improvements, preservation or other proper purposes.

Funding for Waste Coal Grant Program

Amount: Funding varies annually based on coal severance tax collection.

Source of Funds: Coal Severance Taxes

Funding Cycle: Eligible counties must submit their annual plan and all required forms, including an annual plan summary, economic development application, and infrastructure application to the West Virginia Development Office, which will then review economic development plans.

Authorizing Legislation/Statute: West Virginia Code 11-13A-3e

Eligible Applicants for Waste Coal Grant Program

The entities eligible to receive funding from this program are the counties in which the refuse, gob piles, or other sources of waste coal are located, from which taxable waste coal production has occurred during the year (in an amount prorated to the number of tons – i.e., 2,000 lbs. – of taxable waste coal produced in each county). The distribution shall be paid separate from any other payment of money to the county by the treasurer.