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Community Participation Grant Program

CPGP Background

The Governor’s Community Grant Program (CPGP) supports meaningful public improvements in West Virginia communities. Funds are provided to units of local government, generally counties and municipalities, for projects approved by the Governor. From city parks to industrial parks, the program provides resources for a variety of projects that improve communities throughout the state.

Benefits of CPGP

Eligible Activities:

  • City Hall and courthouse facilities
  • Community centers
  • Construction and renovation of public facilities
  • Demolition
  • Economic development
  • Emergency services and law enforcement
  • Flood and storm drainage
  • Business and industrial parks
  • Land and property acquisition
  • Libraries
  • Parks and recreation
  • Parking facilities
  • Preservation and beautification
  • Street and sidewalk repair
  • Technology
  • Water and wastewater facilities and services

Funding for CPGP

Amount: The program is working with legislative staff members to reconcile balances and are creating a new database to more accurately track and attend new and existing projects.

Source of Funds:

  • After the Budget Digest was repealed in 2006 (HB 4019), legislators continued to have constituent requests for local level projects that were important to the community and local government, so the Community Participation Project (CPP) process was developed (and modeled after the Governor’s Community Partnership Grant Program) so requests for funding could be considered.
  • CPP funding requests were submitted during each regular Legislative session, then prioritized based on project need, eligibility and the final amount of funding available for the upcoming fiscal year. However, funding for annual projects ceased after 2015 with only special and emergency discretionary projects being funded on a limited basis.

Authorizing Legislation/Statue: Grant requests made by the Governor are maintained and administered through the Governor’s CPGP appropriation 13100 Legislative requests for special projects are paid through the Local Economic Development Assistance (LEDA) line item, appropriation 81900.

Eligible applicants for CPGP Grants

Funds are provided to units of local government, generally counties and municipalities.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Counties, municipalities and incorporated towns
  • Public service districts